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April 13th

April 17th, 2011

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It is the 1st day i was back in china. And Schatz, I missed u so much already.

I truly felt home When i finally breathed the foul air in the Pudong airport after 11 hours’ flight.

Luckily i was not so bored in the plane, thx to the young German sat next to me. We had a really long and pleasant chat and left our Facebook contacts at the end. However I forgot to remind him he can’t get access to Facebook in China, LOL. And we also had a photo together by the end of the flight, but due to my puffy face (not usual! The long flight is to blame!), I decided not to show it to u, hmmm.

It made me feel even more home by giving me a diarrhea right after I picked up my luggage. I guess it was the bad meal served in plane.

Chen, one of my best friends who I talked about all the time to u, picked me up at the airport and brought me to her own hair stylist. I am pretty satisfied with my new look now. Not only me but everyone at the dinner thought so too. U will like it I’m sure. And it was so nice to meet all my friends I missed much for long. And even better, the meal that night was really a feast. Schatz, I wish u were here to enjoy the great food too. I love especially the lamb, which I haven’t eaten since I went to German. After, we went another special place for dessert. They tasted soooooooooo good that almost made me cry. Moreover, the laughter I had that night was more than one week in German.

But still, I started to miss the life in German. 99% cos of u, my Schatz. I was walking to my uni when I was thinking about u, I was half-listening to others chatting when I was thinking about u, I was drinking the bayberry juice when I was thinking about u, especially when I was in the toilette I was thinking more about u – remember the craziest things we did many times in the public toilette? (LOL, overshared a little…anyone else who read this, pretend haven’t seen that!) I wish u didn’t miss me so hard as I did, but if u really didn’t I would be very sad about. Yes, I was that ambivalent and stupid in love.

And the other 1% is made by the fucking GFW. I was so pissed to find out that in China even the Gmail service was often instability. So it took me long time to find a way to write to u, Schatz, I’m so sorry I made u worried. I was all fine. And the situation would be much better after I got my own home. Then we could communicate freely, by whatsapp, skype, kik or just MSN, emails, u pick one.

How’s the cats BTW, r they still naughty, trying to destroy the new painted wall? Or u have already sent them to Shinji? Hope them won’t feel too alone without me.

That was basically my first day in china, technically only half a day. And to be honest, I was a little bit disappointed and kinda regret to plan so long as 3 weeks’ vacation away from u. Shanghai, the whole city is pale and grey just the same when I left, so hard and helpless. Even the sunshine here is less bright as in Kassel or Frankfurt. A picnic after I go back in Park with u is now officially in the must-do list, LOL. See, I’m so pathetic: when I was in German I missed everything in China, but since I was back, however I wanna go back to German to be with u, hug u, kiss u, touch u, then many times of that, u know, that…

One of my favorite Chinese writers once wrote to his girlfriend in letter with this beautiful sentence as opening: I love u just like I love life itself. That’s exactly what I want to say to u. And my life is worth me to love all because of u. I can’t stop loving either of two, u and the life with u. I know u feel the same way.

I have no idea when I can post it into my blog and when will u read it, but Good night, Honey, do have a nice dream. See u there.

Urs, Chao



i should have took the flight from lufthansa instead of china air…


ja ja, this angle…i know what u r thinking…


the book from the guy sat besides me. pretty cool.


honey, she is Chen. thats her stage name. her real name is fluffyjay.


fluffyjay & blurryeyes.


he has the same family name like mine. he is WTS.


lulu. she is the gf from WTS.


luopang is kinda strange and quiet, but in a very cute way.horoscope: Cancer.


haru. hmmm, he just came out recently i suppose. he loves WTS. LOL.


rustico. also known as brother long. smart & workaholic, lol.


the grils loves the eroticbag. its all from ur idea, they dont know that tho.


the lamb. taste like heaven.


remember i told u we have same yoghourt like the greek one with honig?


real polarfoto. am i cute as hell? yes, i think so too.thank u.


the desserts. wish u were here too to enjoy, schade.


the road i walked back , in my old university. too late, almost no one else here.

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