Lonely pathetic loser writes blog, not me!

February 1st, 2011

I mean, if u got a bf/gf or maybe just perfect sex lives, who the fuck wanna write blogs anyway. People always ask me how’s life going for me—don’t get me wrong, I really think them care about me and I quit appreciate that—I guess I just need to tell them that I enjoy great sex almost every day, twice. And I used to write 2 blogs per day before, that’s the difference I’m talking about.

Now I realized, writing a blog is nothing other than masturbate and cum into a word file then upload to the internet, be eager for friends and strangers to read through it, and things would be so great if they comment on it and say like, hmm, good cum, so pure and refreshing. So u may have figured out how pathetic I was before. From now on, I decide to update my blog only when I don’t get real sex in life for days. Lucky u pryers, u can therefore follow my sex timetable if u want to. But u’d better get ur own life I suppose.

And would it be weird to give Chinese new yr greetings after showing off my awesome sex life? Lol, I’ll do it anyway. Hmm, but I can’t come up with a four-letters blessing with 兔 in it (let’s see later what would the hosts in Chunwan say!), so just 恭喜发财, 万事大吉! It’s also my first year I can’t spend the new yr’s eve with my families, but I’m gonna enjoy the time with my Schatzi, so not necessary a less happy plan!

Last thing, to my dear friends in Shanghai, I really miss the time with u guys so much. Please play Sanguosha with me when I come back to China in maybe June this year! Deal?

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5 Responses to “Lonely pathetic loser writes blog, not me!”

  1. fluffyjay says:

    A cloud figuring “L” (with really big size, and even in 3D) is rising from my head! Right Now!
    Wish u GONGXIFACAI & lively like a rabbit.

  2. clara.z says:

    超爱 SETH !!!

  3. 爱思 says:

    Ah…it’s your BEN MING NIAN….so don’t forget to wear your red pants!
    Really miss u and I’m looking forward to your return!

  4. 爱思 says:

    BTW,i’m also looking forward to “Nirvananana’s Albums of 2010” :wink:

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